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Is There A Reason /

No One Left To Blame

7" ROM001

Released on Romantic Records 1981

Is There A Reason /

Waves In Motion

7" RCA 129

12" RCAT 129

Released on RCA Records in 1981

Don't Stop /

Watching Time

7" RCA 171

12" RCAT 171

Released on RCA Records in 1982

Paris Is One Day Away /

No One Left To Blame

7" RCA 211

7" Picture Disc RCA211 PIC DISC

12" RCAT 211

Released on RCA Records in 1982

Passion In Dark Rooms /

The Munich Thing

7" Picture Disc RCA 276

12" RCAT 276

Released on RCA Records in 1982

I Don't Need Your Love Now /

She's Got Me

7" RCA 420

12" RCAT 420

Released on RCA Records in 1984

The Singles Collection


Released on Cherry Red Records in 2008

Welcome to the official home of the 80’s band, The Mood

Since splitting in 1984 The Mood have maintained a loyal following which has grown globally thanks to the internet. This site is in answer to those seeking more information on the band.

New Content added

New rare recordings found from the bands early demo archives, plus new video of The Mood performing on UK TV from 1982.

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The Mood singles collection - now available to buy!

For the first time on CD, this is the definitive collection of the band's single releases, including their ultra rare Indie single 'Is There A Reason'. Other A sides includes 'Don’t Stop', 'Passion In Dark Rooms', 'Paris Is One Day Away' and 'I Don’t Need Your Love Now'.

Available to buy from Cherry Red or Amazon

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